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Simme-Seat | An Innovative Seating Solution

The Simme-Seat is the perfect solution for your transit system’s bus stop amenities. Our products are simple, safe, durable and offers just the right kind of seating for all of your stops. We can customize the seat and installation to complement each distinct location. Browse through our product gallery of various configurations and transit systems throughout the country. If you don’t see exactly what you need, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Our products are made of quarter inch plate steel, strong perforated seats that are wrapped with bent pipe, all of which is sand blasted and powder coated and made to last. The seats have been tested for over 500 pounds on each side. They are also easily modified to fit a variety of poles, including square or round etc. Simme-Seats can be ordered with or without the poles.

The Simme-Seat sits two people comfortably in their own personal space. Whereas, on a traditional 6 ft. park bench you typically don’t see more than two people sitting together and have more wasted space. Simme-Seats are also helpful to bus operators for minimizing pass-bys, because people are located at the stop in plain view instead of only being in the stop vicinity. The seats provide a suitable seating for the elderly and others who may need a place to sit down. The Simme-Seat also keeps people (especially children) from waiting in dangerous areas, such as on the curb.

Since 1999, Simme-Seat has steadily grown and has provided the Simme Bus Stop Seating System to more than 100 transit systems throughout the country. We have proven that it is both a lasting and important addition to public transit amenities.


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Testimonials / What Our Customers Say

  • “The Simme-Seat is a very well-designed and easy to install passenger seating option that has enabled Sonoma County Transit to provide bus stop amenities at several of our most remote bus stop locations.”
    Steven Schmitz, Senior Planner, Sonoma County Transit, Santa Rosa, CA
  • "I have yet to see a better product to provide community visibility and transit awareness and functional passenger accommodations."
    Scott Chancey, Transit Manager, Josephine County, OR
  • "Our community has lots of sloped roads and many areas lack sidewalks. The Simme-Seat is often the only viable option for passenger seating."
    Phillippa Lewis Moss, Director, Hall Area Transit, Gainesville, GA
  • "The time between buses is very long, so people may find themselves waiting at the bus stops for long periods of time. Having proper seating (such as the Simme-Seat) at bus stops is more important than ever!"
    Beth Ganga, Vice President, Tucker Civic Association, Smoke Rise, GA