Simme-Seat Arrives in Palm Beach County, FL

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — The Palm Tran transit system unveiled the first of 24 new bus stop seats on October 3, 2016. Simme-Seat is proud to be a part of their system-wide bus stop improvement plan.

Executive Director Clinton B. Forbes spoke at the unveiling event, saying, “One of my main priorities is to improve the bus stop infrastructure here in Palm Beach County. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of it to our riders. This is an important first step and I am excited about implementing more rider amenities like this, that will take Palm Tran to the next level in customer service.”

Simme’s innovative 2-seat design attaches directly to the bus stop pole and is durable, safe and cost-effective. The seats also make it easier for bus operators to see riders waiting at the stop and provide a much safer option than sitting on the curb.

The 24 bus stops chosen for this pilot program geographically cover the entire community and serve 23,000 or more riders per month at each location. These stops have right of way issues that prevent a bus bench or shelter from being placed at the location.

Simme-Seat is a perfect fit for communities like Palm Beach County, nation-wide, offering the right seating solutions for any transit system’s needs.

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