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Off-Set Base Simme-Seat
27 Apr

Introducing the New Simme Off-Set Seat

Simme is excited to present our newest product – The “Off-Set” Simme-Seat. This special Simme-Seat was developed in cooperation with Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS), which provided both design input as well as field testing for over the past year. The advantage of this new Seat, is that it maintains approximately 2 inches more clear

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Palm Tran, Florida
05 Oct

Simme-Seat Arrives in Palm Beach County, FL

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — The Palm Tran transit system unveiled the first of 24 new bus stop seats on October 3, 2016. Simme-Seat is proud to be a part of their system-wide bus stop improvement plan. Executive Director Clinton B. Forbes spoke at the unveiling event, saying, “One of my main priorities is to improve the bus stop infrastructure

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22 Aug

New Simme-Seats Assisting Bus Riders in Hawaii

Honolulu Department of Transportation, Hawaii — Simme-Seat is honored to be a part of a recent improvement in Honolulu’s transit system. Our products are an excellent, affordable solution for cleaning up or re-designing bus stops. To encourage a safe bus stop environment, The Simme-Seat was chosen to replace old problematic benches at one street corner.

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CityBus Lafayatte
18 Jul

CityBus Introduces Simme-Seats To Greater Lafayette, IN

Simme LLC would like to congratulate Bryce Gibson, Transit Analyst and CityBus for implementing their first Simme-Seat Project in 2016. According to Bryce, the installed Simme-Seats have been extremely well-received by both CityBus’ customers and the community. We look forward to working with Bryce and CityBus to ensure their continued success in providing these important bus stop

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30 Dec

Roswell Girl Scouts install new seating at MARTA bus stop

Original story by Ross Williams September 2, 2015 ROSWELL, Ga. — Commuters who wait for the MARTA bus at Mansell Road across from Wal-Mart have a new place to sit, thanks to the Girl Scouts of troop 10472. The girls, who are in sixth grade, organized car washes and bake sales to raise money

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11 Jun

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24 Sep

The Blue Bench

This entertaining video was created recently by Praise Center in Wenatchee, WA, after Link Transit purchased and installed their first Simme-Seat. Bruce Phillips, Planner for Link Transit wrote “This was made by a youth group at one of the local churches here in Wenatchee, and no Simme-Seats were harmed in the making of this video.”

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Menlo Park CA
12 Mar

The First Simme-Seat for City of Menlo Park, CA

“This is the first Simme-Seat that’s been installed at Crane Place in Menlo Park, CA.  The residents are so delighted.  They have a bench near their building but it has a cushion and on rainy, damp days it’s wet and uncomfortable.  They love the new Simme-Seat because they are closer to the shuttle bus stop

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HART shelter - Simme-Seat
31 Jan

Simme-Seats at new HART shelter

Thanks to the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) Authority for installing their new Simme-Seats with their outstanding shelter in Temple Terrace, FL, outside of Tampa.

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